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"Chris Mills is the best preceptor I could have hoped for. He is super intelligent, speaks clearly, is willing to demonstrate problems in different ways if students are not understanding at first, and you can tell he genuinely cares about his students.” (Introduction to Microeconomics, Fall 2021)

“Chris really took the material covered in lecture a step forward in the best way possible. The format in which we covered material in precepts was also very inclusive of everyone in the room and very open to discussion and questions. I liked how Chris often brought in real–world examples to enhance the material covered and I appreciated how supportive he was of students' learning.” (Introduction to Microeconomics, Fall 2021)

“Chris was one of the most helpful preceptors that I've ever had. He was always willing to stay after class to help students figure out the subject matter and came into class very prepared. If any student had a question, Chris would answer the question in an approachable way.” (Introduction to Microeconomics, Spring 2020)

“Preceptor Mills was extremely kind and approachable. He sent us 6 pages of notes he typed up a few days before the final clarifying common questions, which he didn't have to do. This was emblematic of the care with which he approached each session.” (Grad Econometrics for Policymakers, Spring 2019)

“To say that Chris was available for us is an understatement. Many of us would email him a one-off question (even though we were instructed to post our questions in a shared document to be discussed during precept) and got prompt responses. Also, the handouts Chris prepared for precept were so helpful to our understanding that we were specifically barred [by the professor] from bringing them into the open- note exam.” (Grad Econometrics for Policymakers, Spring 2019)

“Professor Noonan and Chris were very communicative and helpful - always guiding me throughout each step of the process. I honestly do not know how I would have completed my JP [Junior Paper] without their help.” (Junior Independent Work, 2018-2019)